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This is a story of endless determination, a deep infatuation and one very brave soul …...…

People describe Debra as the most passionate person they’ve ever seen when it comes to her different designs, new projects, crazy flea market finds or whatever is the latest thing she has dreamed up.  Creating bold jewelry, accessories and amazing home fashions has been the driving force behind her dream for many years.  The creation of these delightful things seems to come naturally to her.  She is forever searching high and low for different materials and mediums and seems to have endless ideas stored up behind that head of blonde hair!  You’ll always be able to find that “just right” piece of jewelry you can’t live without or that perfect wall fashion that you’ve searched high and low for.

Through loads of hard work, many many long nights, many more very early mornings, a daughter that has some brilliant ideas, another daughter willing to lend her muscles for the heavy loading and unloading (ha!), a mom willing to help out however she can, a really supportive family and a good deal of miles put on the SUV it has all come together as Star Bar Design.  Check it out - there's a  "bigggoo" list of  shows added to the schedule, a great deal more exposure and many new friends along the way.  You will continue to see all of the latest trends, the timeless traditional designs and always something fun thrown in!  It is more FABULOUS everyday! ! !

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